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Here are a couple examples of emails we sent out on Your name and that perfect body says that you’re a popular girl, but your interests say you’re a lot more interesting than that. Your name is as elegant as your interests—and if I’m not wrong, I spy an upright bass behind you.

I’d love to discover which one is the real you.” Response: A WILD hookup after just three emails and two texts exchanged. Do you play, or do you just have AWESOME taste in decorations?

Another thing we love is the customer service on XXXLove.

We only had one issue (one of us had an issue with his credit card and wanted to use a different one), and customer service responded right away. Hell, we can’t get that kind of service from banks!

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You want a picture of yourself doing something interesting, or in front of somewhere cool. The algorithm is pretty good, but it doesn’t filter as well for inactive profiles as we’d like.This site got us laid, with some QUALITY girls that we didn’t expect to see so many of on the same site.If you’re curious about but aren’t sure it’s right for you, we HIGHLY recommend you take a look.Also the popups are terrible, always full screen pictures of spread vaginas and huge penises. In addition pages of supposedly like cam girls keep popping up behind the main page.What are they trying to do - this is really an amateurish effort probably by some bozo third worlders. Been double billed, kind of late to try to fight it.

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