Xampp updating php

I’ve used both methods, and I usually recommend going with option two.It’s a bit more work to export and import your databases individually, but you’re also less likely to run into errors.You have two different options when it comes to exporting your databases.The first option is to export all of your databases in one SQL file.If your web server is running PHP 5.6, you’ll avoid any PHP surprises cropping up when you migrate a website by running the same version in your local development environment. Luckily, you read WPMU DEV and this tutorial will you through the process of updating XAMPP without losing a single one of your Word Press websites.

If you’ve followed my instructions so far, you don’t really need it. I prefer the installer version you get when you download XAMPP directly from Apache Friends, but if you prefer the Zip or 7zip versions feel free to click on More Downloads and select the version you prefer.

Go looking for official documentation on how to upgrade to the latest version of XAMPP and you won’t find any.

Support for XAMPP is limited to the community forums and a brief FAQ at the Apache Friends website.

If you search for “update XAMPP” what you’ll find is a smattering of hits at the XAMPP forum and Stack Overflow offering suggestions ranging from “just install the new version over the older one” (please don’t try this!

) to “you can’t update without losing everything” and every possible answer in between.

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