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A mixture of the material – ‘My rare Beatles vinyl collection’ – and the emotional – ‘Cultivating a wonderful relationship with my dearest friends – will show different facets of your character.

What are the three things for which you are most thankful?

Men are easy to get along with when everything is going well and new. He has the ability to feel what you're feeling and tune in with you. More importantly; not only do your feelings matter to him, they change him.

Take the attitude that the fuller and richer your profile, the more attractive and dedicated you’ll appear to your matches.

This course teaches men how to understand women, relationships, and the dating world from the inside out.

It offers inside dating advice, techniques, and principles based on observations, collected writings, psychology, philosophy, seduction, and common sense in how to attract women into your life.

i'm reading juggler's (whom i really like) book Conversational Jujitsu, its going good, but i'll see.

If you're wondering how to find the right man for you and start a relationship, you're going to need to look out for some things with the guy you're dating.

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