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All the fun, of course, happens before that, as Schumer's character searches out, with the unwavering commitment of a heat-seeking missile, the same holy grail Zipless Fuck that propelled Isadora Wing in Fear of Flying. As a culture, we have long been profoundly ambivalent about women who cheat, feeling we have to do something with those who engage in "extra-pair copulations" or "non-dyadic sexual encounters," as field biologists and sex researchers, respectively, refer to them.In relative terms, Amy is lucky—she ends up engaged rather than killed by her own son (Clytaemnestra), drowned (Edna Pontellier in The Awakening), shunned (Hester Prynne), or run over by a train (Anna Karenina). If all this policing of women's sextracurricular activities seems an overreaction, it is and it isn't.Our non-human primate relatives offer instructive parallels when it comes to sex and mating strategies.Female tamarins and marmosets mate with several males, who then assist in raising the offspring.Female "promiscuity," it turns out, has a long, prehensile tail. But there is a reason we love Trainwreck and The Affair—and that so many women feel that the idea of sex with someone new is thrilling. And they love getting laid as much as men do, possibly more," says primatologist Natalia Reagan.

Using a small camera that was inserted into participants' vaginas to detect blood flow, a measure of excitement that does not lie, Chivers discovered that while women said they were turned on by the idea of sex with a partner or friend, they were actually much more excited by the idea of sex with a stranger.It still happens today, often with broad social support.A number of forager bands in lowland South America hew to a belief called "partible paternity," which holds that children are sired by all the men a woman has sex with close to conception.And missionaries and anthropologists alike have been disconcerted to find that among many other South American tribes, including the Bari of Venezuela and some foraging and horticultural groups in Africa, a woman publicly sanctions sex with numerous unrelated, eligible males in her living group when she discovers she is pregnant.This mating strategy, strange to us, is brilliant in context: more "honorary fathers" (Hrdy's term) equals more helping hands.

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