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” And I think tended to hold us back from a lot of those things. And so in a weird way we both sort of elevated ourselves in order to satisfy the other. It wasn't disappointing that it was thousands people. I would be standing on stages just playing the song that I wanted to write and the way that I wrote it. We don't play as much instrumentation onstage anymore, which allows us to sing better and sing more.It was just very specifically what I was interested in, and the type of opportunities that I was trying to achieve for us. I wasn't like, “There should be 10,000 people.” It was just that we had always grown, every record, and I felt we had sort of, kind of, “OK, we sustained.” What I realized was that we hadn't just plateaued or sustained with our audience. But when we are playing instruments, we realize how fun it is, and how interesting it is.2016 marks not just the release of Tegan and Sara’s eighth album, Love You to Death, but their 20th year as a band. I can honestly say the confidence around what we do as performers and what we do as a business is at an all-time high.By some metrics, their sound has evolved immensely, but by others it’s been remarkably resilient. I don't feel as freaked out or as anxious as I've felt on other albums cycles or in other parts of my life.Whether they're doing punky acoustic, polished rock, or their new sound today where you can’t hear a single guitar, Tegan and Sara write love songs and breakup songs that anyone can get into. When you're younger, things sort of live in this nebulous place where you haven't yet experienced it.Over breakfast earlier this month, we used each of the new album’s 10 tracks as jumping-off points to discuss all sides of Tegan and Sara: politics and process, the changing industry and how they stay healthy, and, finally, the mutual respect and ambition that has enabled the sisters to, as Sara puts it, “elevate ourselves to satisfy each other.” And in between their answers, hear four brand-new remixes of “Boyfriend,” debuting here today. As Canadians, there's an enormous amount of what Bernie talks about that resonates with us, but I do feel that Hillary is inevitable. That’s not good for your audience because your audience wants to see you challenging yourself. Like, you have never been broken up with or you haven't had someone die suddenly or you haven't had the shock of parent being diagnosed with a disease or you haven't done these things.Greg claims there is guitar on, I believe, “U-turn,” but I would never be able to pick it out. I’m not making a statement like, “Guitars are dead!

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If it does become something that we use in a live show, it’s going to be used in a really different way.

But what I know right now is that being in a band feels really good and playing the music feels really good.

I can sense that maybe we are in another place where after this, we'll have a real desire to change it up again.

If it’s anyone, Hillary Clinton is “that girl” right now. We actually met President Bill Clinton couple years ago in Toronto — we did an event for him. Tegan and I have had 17 years of adult experience where we have had to live through amazing highs and incredible lows.

When he walked up, he shook our hands, gave us hugs, and then he was like, "I'm so excited to meet you guys, my wife and I love Grey's Anatomy, and ‘Where Does the Good Go’ is our favorite song." After that, he thanked us for all the work we done in the LGBT community. Like, I was like, “I don't want to go on in-ear monitors, I just want to sing on monitors.” Nobody said no to me. And it makes the future sometimes unsettling, but I feel less scared because I already know what those things feel like in a way.

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