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"The Birth of London's Underground" - Some discussion has arisen on the Casebook regarding the possibility that the Ripper may have used the London Underground for his escape after the murders.This is an essay by Adam Wood concerning the beginnings of the Underground."To Check the Survival of the Unfit" - A dose of social darwinism from a Bethnal Green vicar interviewed in "The London", 12th March 1896. Osborne Jay was vicar of Holy Trinity Church in the Old Nichol, also known as the Jago."Tower Hamlets 1888" - Article from the "East London Record", No."Through Whitechapel with Dickens" - An article from The Dickensian (Sept.

Prior to the Beck diagram, the various underground lines had been laid out geographically, often superimposed over the roadway of a city map.

Maps of Whitechapel, 1888-1894 - A series of maps dating from between 18 depicting the Whitechapel area in relation to the murder sites.

Includes Charles Booth's famous study of London poverty, originally published in 1889.

The geographical-based map, used immediately prior to Beck, in 1932, was produced by the underground map designer for the period 1926–1932, F. It was however Beck who had the idea of creating a full system map in colour.

He believed that Underground passengers were not concerned with geographical accuracy and were more interested in how to get from one station to another and where to change trains.

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