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Those two dramas will be joined by a pair of comedies and a project Avnet describes as “grounded sci-fi.’ The five short films will first be released digitally, but Indigenous wants turn the ones that generate the most buzz into larger productions.Hutcherson and Martocello cited Whiplash and Short Term 12 as critically-acclaimed features that started as short films, and they hope their projects with take a similar path.In February 2014, Seth Rogen's production company Point Grey Pictures announced it had acquired the book and film rights to The Disaster Artist.James Franco would direct and play Wiseau, and his brother Dave Franco would star as Sestero.The Legend of Zelda will be released on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD on October 10, 2017 On April 29, 2017 a preview screen of The Legend of Zelda was screened.Initial reactions were positive The film opened with ,475,161 weekend gross, becoming the highest opening weekend gross for a Nintendo, this film in additional has become Nintendo Studios' highest grossing film The film received mixed reviews with critics prising the film on performances on the cast particularly by Hutcherson and Fanning, visual effects, action sequences, soundtrack and faithfulness to the video game series, but received criticism for Ganondorf's costume design and rushed storyline.They have now found the five scripts they will adapt, and production on at least one of those projects will begin in May, with an expected summertime release.

The film will be released on June 21, 2017, the film will be directed by Francis Lawrence, the film received mixed reviews for critics praising performances by Hutcherson , Fanning and cast, visual effects, action sequences and soundtrack, however receive criticism for Ganondorf's costume design and rushed storyline, despite the mixed reviews the film was a box office sucess and becoming one of Nintendo's highest grossing films Based on the popular Nintendo video games series, Link was an ordinary orphan farm boy living in the region within Hyrule, until he met Princess Zelda who had chosen him to wield the legendary Master Sword, as she had been searching for someone worthy to wield of the sword and fulfill the prophecy to defeat the evil Ganondorf, will he be able to?

After many attempts they give up on him because Link does not believe he can be a hero, Zelda returns Link to his village and apologizes to him, Ganondorf ambushes them and kidnaps Zelda and taunts him and Zelda and runs off with her, Link returns the castle and informs Willham that Zelda has been kidnapped, Link then has a vision of how his parents died and it was revealed that they were killed by Ganondorf and was about to kill him but was saved by King Willham, finally understanding why he was chosen, Link is finally able to lift the Master Sword.

Ganondorf taunts Zelda, who refuses to bow to him, Link arrived with his sword and shield, he confronts Ganondorf if he killed his parents and Ganondorf confirms that he did and plans to kill him too, the battle then takes places and was briefly hauled when Ganondorf wounds Link, after the battle Link defeats Ganondorf and was send to imprisonment Link returns to the village as hero On June 6, 2012, Universal Studios, along with Nintendo Studios announced a live action film titled The Legend of Zelda with a 2017 release date, Hunger Games alumi director Francis Lawrence announce as director.

On review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes, the film has an approval rating of 94% based on 35 reviews, with an average rating of 7.9/10.

The site's critical consensus reads, "Oh, hai Mark.

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