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Meanwhile, Cloten learns of the "meeting" between Imogen and Posthumus at Milford Haven.

Dressing himself enviously in Posthumus's clothes, he decides to go to Wales to kill Posthumus, and then rape, abduct, and marry Imogen.

The men discover "Fidele," and instantly captivated by a strange affinity for "him" become fast friends.

Outside the cave, Guiderius is met by Cloten, who throws insults, leading to a sword fight during which Guiderius beheads Cloten.

The Queen passes the "poison" along to Pisanio, Posthumus and Imogen's loving servant, who is led to believe it is a medicinal drug.

Imogen awakes to find the headless body, and believes it to be Posthumus due to the fact the body is wearing Posthumus' clothes.In the meantime, Cymbeline's Queen is conspiring to have Cloten, her cloddish and arrogant son by an earlier marriage, married to Imogen, to secure her bloodline.The Queen is also plotting to murder both Imogen and Cymbeline, procuring what she believes to be deadly poison from the court doctor, Cornelius, who, suspicious, switches the poison with a harmless sleeping potion.Like Othello and The Winter's Tale, it deals with the themes of innocence and jealousy.While the precise date of composition remains unknown, the play was certainly produced as early as 1611.

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