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The "Clovis First" and "Beringia Only" theories have been crumbling for years, but for many of us are now totally collapsed.There is now overwhelming direct evidence for pre-Clovis occupation of the American continents, and virtually no direct evidence that the progenitors of for decades but this was the first time I had been able to go there to see collections, visit sites, give presentations and knapping demonstrations and work with students.

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I have also been involved in a related project, Directed by Dr.

AND they learn the difference between uniface/biface and cutting/scraping without even switching tools. I have lots to learn." Tim Rast This video is a great addition to any flintknapping library and is being shown in many beginning archaeology courses in universities and colleges throughout North and South America (and some in Europe).

I continue to keep my hand in knapping and through my teaching (especially in the Learning To Be Human Project), knapping for experiments and doing demonstrations I mange not to get too rusty.

Six have undergone f MRI brain scans before any knapping and will have additional scans in November and again after the training has finished in September 2012.

The goal is not to try and simulate ancient learning but to have the learners get as good at knapping as they can while we monitor skill acquisition and changes in brain activity.

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