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prohibited contraception and required sex crimes cases to be tried in camera, preventing media coverage and contributing to the illusion of Irish purity.

In the 1950s there was much public attention around the plight of Irish women working as prostitutes in England.

Also improving economic conditions and a weakening force of the Church allowed for a more visible and largely tolerated sex industry.

Lynch perished in the fire together with her elderly mother and aunt.Increasing concern regarding venereal disease, particularly as a threat to the military led to the introduction of a series of Contagious Diseases Acts in the 1860s, enabling authorities to apprehend and detain any woman suspected of prostitution and force her to submit to examination for disease.As in many other countries opposition to the Acts, provided a rallying cry for emerging women's movements.These were portrayed not so much as 'fallen' women, but rather as innocents lured into evil.The Women’s Liberation Movement of the 1970s helped to expose the double standards.

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