Was travis alexander dating someone else

But I do think it was premeditated in the sense of "If I can't stop Travis from going on this trip, it's all going to be over for us so I'd rather he be dead".

I think it was premeditation all the way for Jodi, I don't think that she went to visit Travis with any intention to convince him to take her to Cancun. She meticulously planned it all out so that no one would be able to make the connection that she had been in Arizona at all.

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Alexander was stabbed 27 times and suffered a slashed throat and gunshot to the head. She faces the death penalty if convicted.” This is a tragic story, and the trial involves a number of mental health experts taking the stand.

She even set up Ryan as an alibi; she told him she was visiting him in Utah and made it look as though the car rental and gas cans were all for the Utah trip.

As far as the reason why Jodi slept with Travis and didn't kill him right away, that can be explained by her ego.

After all, if one day they are to be married, then the door will forever be shut on meeting other suitors.

I’ll grant you that infidelity can happen in circumstances other than marriage. S., more people choose to live together than choose to marriage.

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