Voodoo dating

The good news: She knows how to raise children because she practiced on her brother and sister.​ and she wasn’t promised to another guy when she was three.

Anyway, a traditional Benin wedding is all about the family…and about palm wine.

Nigeria is richer and way more developed than its small neighbor.

But that doesn’t change anything about the fact that Benin is an undiscovered pearl for Global Seducers...​This will surprise you: Usually it’s pretty simple. My advice: In case you meet a Benin girl who believes in the stuff that’s shown in the following video, there’s just one thing you can do. I don’t care if she has the sexiest ass in the world.

Oh, and there was something about loving crocodile skin clothes in there too.

Every true New Orleanian—male or female—keeps their closet equipped with at least one or two stand-by costumes for when in a pinch, including wigs and a cape for good measure. New Orleanians are a laid-back group—there’s no judgment here and the only requirement is that everyone has a good time. You can expect a New Orleanian to take you out and show you a rollicking good time.

And even though Benin has less than 11 million inhabitants, it’s also the best option to meet women in this penis-shaped country.

Continue reading once you’ve seen the proof…​I don’t know if you’ll like this or not, but the Benin girl you’ll date is tougher than you.

Because, let’s face it, you never know when you might need to break out in costume. They hug complete strangers with reckless abandon so you know when they hug someone they actually know and like, it’s going to be the best one of your life. Every wicked hangover needs an equally wicked cure, and your New Orleanian will know the right prescription for what ails you.

For most, this will be the pho at Pho Tau Bay in Gretna.

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