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Darmesteter, carefully revised and corrected.* In Book II, on Morphology, or the Study of the Grammatical Forms, M. He has also added § 198 on the impersonal pronoun, and the account of the forms of the verb etre. Sudre has modified slightly certain paragraphs relative to popular derivation and borrowings from foreign languages, but the book may be regarded as an almost exact reproduction of the author's lectures.

Book III, on The Formation of Words and the Life of Words, is essentially a summary of three works by the author, the Traiie des Mots Composes, the Creation des Mots Notiveaux, and the Vie des Mots (see p. Of Book IV, dealing with the Syntax, unfortunately the note-books had not been finally revised by the author, and the examples, especially of Middle French, were in- sufficient in number. Sudre writes, 'those on the personal pronouns (§§ 390-499), the relative pronouns (§§410-415), the subjunctive mood (§§ 442-447), on tenses other than the participle (§§ 442-447), on number and person in the verb (§§ 459-460), needed completing or recasting ; finally, one whole chapter, that on the Order of Words, although announced in the rest of the course, was not drawn up. with the help of the many researches pub Hshed on French syntax, and especially those of Tobler, Haase, Cledat, Etienne, and Huguet.

The French text was translated in the first instance by me, and my translation was then carefully revised by one or both of my sons, Professor Marcus Hartog of Queen's College, Cork, and Mr.

Philip Hartog of the Owens College, Manchester, the latter of whom had had the advantage of discussing certain parts of the work with the author during a prolonged residence in France. The spoken language of the He de France, or French .

Arsene was charged with the organization of the teaching of the French language.

vi PREFACE with distrust and anxiety in many quarters, and according to the failure or success of its first trial in practice might ruin the cause of female education for years, or give it a decisive triumph.

The historic spirit now for the first time revealed itself to his hearers ; and many of them still retain the glow of the revelation. The arduous labour of seeing the volume through the press has fallen entirely on them. Every addition or modification has been submitted to and discussed with the French editors, who have also read the proofs, and have liberally responded to ^ Since the printing of this edition, the manuscript of the author's work on Syntax, destined for the Traiie des Mots written to pre- cede the Dictionnaire General de la langue fran^aise, has fortunately been found. Not only have I corrected, with the obliging help of Mr. Philip Hartog, errors and contradictions that had previously escaped my attention ; but the repeated comparison of the translation with the original, the sagacious observations of Mr.

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