Validating registration forms using javascript oklahoma city singles dating

For this example, we’re going to assume that a table called ‘movieformdata’ already exists with 3 columns: ‘moviename’, ‘yourname’, and ‘Gender’, and we’re going to assume that moviename and yourname fields can store at least 50 characters, and Gender can store at least 1 character.

Hopefully you are familiar with SQL and you recognize this “insert” statement: function connects to the My SQL server.

-: See Also:- j Query login Form /* Below line is used for online Google font */ @import url(

First, download the Java Script form validation script here.

Here in this tutorial, we make you learn how to create simple registration form with proper validation using j Query and database connectivity using PHP.

We have created a simple HTML form with four fields- Name, Email, Password., and Confirm Password.

There is a j Query function for complete validation and user data get inserted through PHP script.

Note: Using Simfatic Forms you can create feature-rich web forms without coding. It’s always a good idea to have a “blank” option as the first option in your select box.If it fails to connect, the PHP script will die with an error message.Otherwise, you must then select a database on the server.Now the select box choice will be preserved when the form is submitted. Many select boxes will be populated from a database table, and won’t require you to write a bunch of embedded “if” statements.Also, using a select box for ‘Gender’ probably isn’t the best choice: radio buttons might make more sense In the previous example, the form data was saved to a text file.

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