Validating a text field

Text entry fields, checkboxes, select fields, password entry fields are always present on websites - be it for authentication forms, or creation of new email account, new user accounts, payment forms, surveys, - in basically every single case where the communication with the user is required, and information must be sent by user to the site.

It is very useful to make sure that the data entered by the user follow the correct format.

Required: the field may be a required field or not.

If the field is required (tick the required option), it must have a value in order not to be declared invalid.

To install it you only need to execute that file or use the Adobe Extension Manager tool.

Once installed, the Field Validator extension can be accessed (after restarting Dreamweaver) through the Insert bar "Form To use the extension "Field Validator", open the page in Adobe Dreamweaver, in editing mode. This field must have a unique identifier (ID) within the website.

When using the validation rule "Numbers only", it is possible to limit the field to admit only positive numbers or integers.

This action will display a setup window that lets you define validation rules.When a text field, a select field, a checkbox or a password field fails to meet some of the assigned validation rules, they are highlighted in a different color, an icon appears to the right side and a bubble is displayed with explanatory text.Field Validator prevents invalid information from being sent to your server.In the "message" checkbox next to "required", enter the error text to display when the validation rule is breached.Confirm field: in situations such as "repeat password" or "re-enter e-mail", quite common in the forms of new user accounts, two form fields are being compared to each other.

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