Urban cougar dating

Most of the members are really serious about the website and their profiles and make sure to update them regularly with pictures, bios and other material.

Back when I was in my 40s, younger men would write me online all the time and I'd always say, "Are you looking for a mom? " They just felt younger women were too high maintenance for them and had far too much drama in their lives.The most important thing of any dating website are, of course, its members.There are several criteria that a website needs to meet when it comes to members, in order to be a successful one. There are literally thousands of cougars with profiles on the website, so you can be sure you’ll have a lot to pick from.Some websites specialized in helping you look for a cougar to date tend to overdo it with graphic details that might slow you down as you browse through profiles or look for a chatroom. The design is extremely clean and minimalistic, focused on getting you where you want as fast as possible.There is little to no makeup here when it comes to design and as soon as you start using the site you’ll learn to appreciate it.

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