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Are the differences unimportant or places that you can compromise?Or are they major items you’d have a hard time living with?

Who was the most mesmerising even with their mouths stuffed full of marshmallows, and who had the best liners? .” Thanks to Amyn’s penchant for food-related pickup lines, we found ourselves becoming quite hungry after his video ’cause he kept going on about prata, nasi lemak and shengshiong. ” For those who don’t speak Malay, “Tak sabar” loosely translates to “Can’t wait”, which when applied to her line means, “I can’t wait to see you”. Best line: “What do you and Samsung have in common? ” Arguably the least clichéd pickup line on this list, it’s hilarious how Derrick made his lecturer LOL with his explosive liner. 2016 finalist, Ben (@benvoda) made a surprise appearance in Donna aka Don’s video and kinda… You want a mate who’ll accept and support you and your main interests and goals.Use your journal to get in touch with what makes you happy, your goals, what you would most like in the future and to identify action steps to work towards that.You can then reread it to remind yourself before you go out.~ You can journal about what you have in common and how you’re different.

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