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Follow t IDE and x Tile on Twitter or Tweet about this project t IDE is a fully-featured, .

NET-based tile editor that allows level designers to easily create content for tile-based games.

You did this in the previous topic, but in Offline mode. Use the Find option in the Field Browser to search for the errors.

Take your curser to the next row of the MS Word table, and then insert the table. Select Department Name, Manager, Name, Job Title, Annual Salary, and Fed Withheld (in that order). Recall that while working on the table in the Offline mode, you did not choose options for grouping. Template Builder provides an accessibility checker to check the template for features to enhance the accessibility of the report for report consumers who may need assisting technologies to view the report.

Note: If you are using Microsoft Word 2007 you may need to modify your Add-In settings: To do so, click the Office button, click Word Options, and then click Add-Ins.

Change the column names as given below and then keep the formatting as Bold. In the displayed report, click the Balance Report tab.

The report based on the template that you have designed in Template Builder is displayed.

This concludes the topic on creating a RTF template using Template Builder in Offline mode.

This topic demonstrates how to design an RTF template while logged into BI Publisher.

You will log in to BI Publisher through Template Builder, define an RTF template, add a table with a running total, add grouping and sorting, add a page break, add a chart, preview data in the report by using the template, upload the RTF template to BI Publisher Enterprise Server, and view the report on BI Publisher Enterprise Server.

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