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"People forget about their trees more than almost anything," says Roger Voisinet, a thirty-year veteran of the Charlottesville, Virginia real estate market.Yet, landscaping is one of the top three investments that bring the biggest return.Plus, your returns will vary widely by project—and sorry to bring your expectations down another notch, but the payoff on big, alluring, "HGTV-ready" renovations isn't so great.Adding a bathroom, for instance, will bring only a 53.9% ROI when you sell; a master suite, 64.8%.With housing prices increasing, now is the time invest in your home to capitalize on its value.Here's what veteran real estate professionals from around the country say are the best value home improvements, whether you are selling now or in the future.Voisinet looked at one house recently where a fallen limb from a poorly cared for tree caused ,000 in damage.Get It Done• Work with a Tree Removal Pro• Prune Shrubs and Small Trees• Clean Up Hedges The number one item on the 2007 Home Gain survey, lighting—everything from a dimmer switch to the increasingly popular sun tubes—noticeably enhances a home's appeal.

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In other words, it really So if you're now sitting there scratching your head wondering which upgrades to make, take a step back and ask yourself this question first: How long do you plan to live in your home?They are into big spaces," says Kristin Wellins, Senior Manager of Program Development for ERA Real Estate.Seattle broker Reba Haas says a kitchen island can be an asset, creating needed storage space.Value report, which analyzes what you'll pay for various upgrades—and how much you'll recoup on that investment when you sell your home.For this much-read report (which, by the way, is celebrating its 30th anniversary), researchers scrutinized 29 popular home improvements in 99 markets nationwide, polling contractors on how much they charge for these jobs as well as real estate agents on how much they think these features boost a home's market price.

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