Updating hard drive hdd dating hi standard pistol

It has to be formatted to FAT, FAT32 or ex FAT to store the saves on, but as long as it is, just plug it into the front USB ports of your PS4. Within this menu, you’ll find a list of all your game saves.

You’ll have to go through each one individually, check Select All and then press Copy to USB.

This WD drive is now around the £50 mark, making it the more affordable alternative for the Seagate.

Buy Now: WD Blue WD10SPCX 1TB at Choosing the drive is the relatively straightforward part of the upgrade process.

Buy Now: Samsung M9T 2TB at | (6) If you look at the 1TB alternatives, there are plenty that fit the specifications required for the PS4. The 1TB Seagate Laptop Thin SSHD is a hybrid 5400RPM SSD/HDD drive and 9mm thick.

If you’ve got any gameplay videos or screenshots you want to keep, you’ll want to move them to your USB drive, too.

Turn off your PS4 completely – don’t just put it into Rest Mode – and unplug your console from the wall, removing any wires from the back of your PS4, too.

Move your PS4 to a flat surface such as a table, where you’ve got enough room for all your necessary tools. It’s pretty easy to do, especially when you place a thumb at either end and push away from the matte section.

The easiest option might be one you’ve already chosen.

Play Station Plus members can upload save files to the cloud, meaning you can download them right away when you boot up your upgraded hard drive.

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