Updating brass shower doors

For example, the track, you'll need to move the doors from side to side, allow drying time and re-taping some areas.I'll keep you up to date on the all important question...

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We are in the middle of re-doing our entire house … This is our workshop for now.) Superman took fishing line (you can use very thin string as well) and tied several pieces back and forth across 4 boards in the garage.

(I just sprayed some of the spray paint into the lid of the can and used a small water color brush to touch up the imperfections) You’ll need to do a few touch ups after you get the shower put back together, so don’t panic if you chip any paint in the process. We’re a month in (and about 50 showers in) and there is no visible wear.

: D When you put the shower back together, you need to make sure that you put silicone caulking under each piece that touches the surface of the shower, whether it is on the floor or wall. : D And, you can enjoy your very own before and after pictures!!

If sanded, primed and painted with the correct metal paint, you can paint shower stall trim.

Remove the stall and take the glass away from the trim if possible.

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