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The 33-year-old was seen snapping pictures and typing away on his i Phone during the finals of the wheelchair rugby competition at the Mattamy Athletic Centre while watching a game between the United States and Denmark - the eventual gold medal winners.

While Harry is known to be an enthusiastic spectator the royal appeared to be slightly distracted during the match as he and Rose enjoyed a joke.

He urged: 'You know that differences of opinion, of circumstance, of race and religion - are to be respected and celebrated.

'You know that in a clickbait culture, we cannot waste time sharing and drawing attention to things that make us angry, or that we know to be false.'You all know that it’s great to "like" things on social media, but that it’s more important to look up from our phones, to get out into our communities, and to take real action; to stand up for what you believe in.' While it is not known exactly what Harry was doing - or who he may have been messaging - it is understood that he has been keeping his girlfriend up to date with all of the goings, after he revealed earlier this week that she has been 'loving' the games thus far.

Following the match Harry entered the pitch in order to present members of the Danish rugby team with their gold medals.

The compassionate prince enthusiastically shaking hands with the team members before planting a kiss on the head of gold medalist Maurice Manuel.

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