Ultimate online dating

I want to recommend this book to anyone and everyone.

Not only to those who have online dating accounts, but I think there is wise information in this book that can apply to any type of online social interactions.

Her experience opened my eyes more to realize that faith gives us strength to overcome anything, and is not meant to keep us from experiences - whether they be good or bad. The way I read it, her scammer found the errors of his ways and came out to ask forgiveness and that's how she learned the truth.

Yet, in my eyes, that was the second part of the scam.

We should be careful of our emotions and feelings - and our money.

Many people are looking to online dating as a way to get back into real life after the death of a spouse, divorce or a failed relationship.

We paint ourselves as the “perfect partner” with a profile that reflects our life’s story, or does it?

Fulfilled, Inspired, Naturally beautiful and Exceptional. But many times FINE means something less than fine." This thought in the book hit me with a punch.

I always tell people I am "Fine" and give a big smile.

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