Ukraine dating scam list dating acronyms cd

This agency steals profiles from Russian social sites and lists them as their own ladies.

An ex employee of the agency confirmed to us that she was hired as a translators to write letters for fictional ladies This agency had many ladies that had false details.

We dont want to work with this agency - they are scammers.

This agency was paid in advance for two ladies to meet with a man on a Romantic Tour.

This lady set up her own agency and was adding ladies photo's from other sites to her own agency list.

She was writing all letters on behalf of the ladies - who did not even know they were on her agency list.

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I had emails from men advising of her status and I consider that she was not what I want on our site. She wrote to many men from many countries to advise them that "she would be arriving in your country this summer and I will be staying".

This is a lie - she will not be emigrating anywhere.

She is a scammer and she is not welcome on our site This lady joined the site and immediately sent out sexually explicit messages to men, prompting many complaints.

All men have been refunded and the agent has been listed as a scammer Ajour agency moved to the scam list because of the many complaints from men about silly letters, fake chat, copied emails from other profiles, inability to get any response from the managers of the agency This agency is a scammer!

All the photos of ladies are stolen and we have no idea who they are.

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