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The redhead put a box of cereal in her cart, and Shannon swore that she had given her husband a look before turning back down the aisle.

Shannon couldn’t see her husband, but she was sure the redhead gave him a look before because Ron had done so first.

Shannon supposed he thought he looked cool giving his flirting looks to the other mothers in the store.

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After picking out a few more items, she rolled the cart up to the checkout counter.

“We never do.” Shannon had a retort ready, but her phone buzzed in her pocket, distracting her from her fight with Ron.

She was more annoyed at Ron now, because she couldn’t let him go off again.

He had no idea how goofy he looked when he was trying to act like a hot shot. I swear.” “I don’t suppose you got anything that’s on sale,” Shannon said, sighing. “If you knew what to get, then why did you send us off to do it?

She looked at the small trove of snacks that her husband and daughter were unceremoniously dumping into the cart. ” Shannon rolled her eyes and crossed her arms across her amble bosom.

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