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These ancient divisions still exist, but have no administrative significance today.There were seven Lathes in Kent at the time of the Domesday Book, which reveals that in 1086 Kent was divided into the seven lathes or "lest(um)": Aylesford, Milton, Sutton, Borough, Eastry, Lympne and Wye.Identified as Homo heidelbergensis it dates to the Hoxnian Interglacial 400,000 years ago.During the Neolithic the Medway megaliths were built and there is a rich sequence of Bronze Age occupation indicated by finds and features such as the Ringlemere gold cup.

Augustine, the lathe of Lympne was renamed the Lathe of Shepway, the lathes of Milton and Wye were merged to form the Lathe of Scray.Gavelkind was finally abolished by the Law of Property Act in 1925.During the medieval period, Kent produced several rebellions including the Peasants' Revolt led by Wat Tyler and later, Jack Cade's rebellion of 1450.It was one of the last to be regularly occupied and there is evidence of a large Roman population here in the early 5th century, some of them worshipping in the Early Christian church discovered in a corner of the fort.East Kent became one of the kingdoms of the Jutes during the 5th century AD (see Kingdom of Kent) and the area was later known as Cantia in around 730 and Cent in 835.

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