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By Mike Kinosian TALKERS Managing Editor/West Coast Bureau Chief LOS ANGELES — Master marketer Vince Mc Mahon continues to build a vast “Sports Entertainment” empire largely owing to his uncanny knack of giving the “universe” of WWE fans the product they crave, a philosophy congruous with that of Massachusetts-born entrepreneur Marshall Field, who stressed that his Chicago-based department stores should, “Give the lady what she wants.” Those taking heed of Messrs.

Mc Mahon and Field will – as Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel intoned in 1970 – “Keep the Customer Satisfied” (the “B” side of “Bridge over Troubled Water”).

When his contract with CBS Radio ended in April, “The Tom Leykis Show” made its triumphant return, and he couldn’t be happier with the numbers he’s getting now that he can track them online in real time.

Even after a three-year absence, Tom is still capable of kicking asses and taking names, especially when he’s taking calls from “pathetic” listeners who are raised by “bitter” single mothers and can’t get laid.

We have 10 incoming phone lines and, for most of the day, they are packed.” In the beginning though, Leykis was “so spooked” that he instituted a backup plan, just in case there was an absence of listener input.

“We were prepared for that,” he admits, “but it turned out that we had nothing to worry about.” Spike TV Typical days for him are completely different from the past, as he is operating a genuine small enterprise.

That’s my gig, telling them how to do that.” NMR had the pleasure of sitting in and listening to “The Tom Leykis Show” at Tom’s storefront Burbank studio.

In NMR’s exclusive interview with the radio legend, Tom talks about the decline of traditional radio and “The Tom Leykis Show’s” internet success.

This is a boutique content company in the P1 business, as opposed to trying to get P1s, P2s, P3s, P4s, and P5s.” A number of colleagues cautioned Leykis that doing a live stream was the wrong road to take, and he was warned there were would a minimum number of callers yet he points out, “We have more phone lines than we had when I was at Westwood One or CBS Radio.I first started listening to Tom Leykis on Los Angeles radio station KLSX when I was a high school senior after a recommendation from a friend of mine.At first, “The Professor’s” over-the-top, in-your-face commentaries about men in relationships being total “pussies” and his “Leykis 101” lessons for men on how to treat women like “crap” by spending only on a date turned off this boy who believed in true romance and starting a family.But the more I wanted to turn off that station, the more his exorbitant monologues made me into a fan.CBS Radio ended his terrestrial show back in 2009, but Tom has since discovered the freedom of internet radio, and in 2010 created New Normal Network, which hosts rock, pop and talk stations.

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