Three strike rule dating

Hence, its decline in crime cannot be attributed to such legislation.

A number of recently published studies also raise doubts about the true effectiveness of "three strikes" laws in lowering California’s crime rate.

Further, were "three strikes" the cause of a significant part of the decline, the rate of decline should have increased after its passage.

Instead, the rate of decline remained constant, suggesting that the causes of the decline that were operating prior to the passage of the law continued to be the primary reason for the drop in crime rates.

Further, its provisions include residential burglary as a possible qualifying strike.

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However, despite the claims of "three strikes" supporters, the data on which they rely do not withstand close scrutiny.But none of us who opposed "three strikes" can take much comfort in knowing that our concerns were borne out.The important policy question is how can we reform the law to avoid its excesses?New York, not California, showed the sharpest decline in crime during the time in question.While some of New York’s policing policies have raised serious civil rights concerns, it was not one of the states that adopted a "three strikes" law during the 1990s.

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