The geeks guide to dating review guide

You can pre-order from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or your local indie bookstore.

I really liked making this week's Tech Meets Books wallpaper.

Another way is to check out— many cities have queer geek meetups or D&D gatherings just for the ladies.

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The same kind you’d pick up in the store, this is a finished, full color copy.Their friendship began with shared readings of Harry Potter and graduated to creating comics together.The NY Comic Con is packed with so many of their shared obsessions and memories. Of course, many funny and not so funny things happen to throw off Graham’s plans and deal him some crushing blows.At the end of 2012, she launched She Seek, an app and online publication that helps LGBT women find out about parties, community events, and breaking news all over the country. Here’s what she had to say: “One great way to meet lady geeks is to check out the LGBT panels at your nearest Comic Con or PAX event— many have at least one focused on queer fans or characters.Actually, Gaymer X just started this year, which is basically PAX for the LGBT community; women come from thousands of miles away to check it out!

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