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But every time the leadership of the two parties changed, the peace was renewed through marriage, suggesting that the Pharaoh acted as an individual and not as the embodiment of state.

Moreover, marriage is solemnized through a ceremony that takes place in a religious institution.

A first glimpse of how marriage was considered in ancient Egypt derives from didactic literature, a genre of instruction literature dating from the Old Kingdom onwards.

Although the instructions were written by men, for men, one intriguing conclusion is that readers were advised to get married at a young age and have children.

Furthermore, evidence from nonliterary texts from Deir el Medina suggest that in most cases the father of the bride was involved in arranging the wedding.

But marriage was also an agreement between the groom and the family of the bride, mostly undertaken without her acquiescence.

Kontopoulos Marriage is ubiquitous in human societies.

But any examination of marriage in ancient Egyptian society requires us to disengage from modern social and theological norms and reconsider the role of the state in aspects of everyday life.

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