Thailand chiangmai dating

This means that you will have to work a little harder to impress but it also means that you have the possibility of a real relationship or at the least of fun companion during your time in this marvellous city.There are roughly fifty bars in the city that specifically target foreign men with most of them centred around Thapae Gate.Make sure that you either pick up a cheap local one or bring a phone that will work in Thailand.During the day you can collect phone numbers of girls that you would like to date.At the end of the day you should have a few phone numbers and some good options for asking a local woman out on a date.If you are picking up a lot of women use the camera on your cell phone to snap a picture of the women that you have gotten the number from.

If you are used to Bangkok or Pataya were many women are either working full time or part time in the entertainment business (Bargirls) you will need to learn to adjust your pick up routine a little in Chiang Mai.

At the top you will find one of the holiest wats which is a spectacle in itself.

This temple tends to get fairly crowded although the many other temples in city do not attract anywhere near as many people.

If you want paid entertainment then this is a good place to start.

While there are a lot of bars orientated to western males many of these close when tourist season is over and are quite small.

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