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He seemed mesmerized for few seconds which seemed to be a lifetime for me.

I shifted uncomfortably and brought my thighs together.

The room was so much charged with sex at that moment, the silence from me, was taken to be a roaring approval. In this brief conflict, the needs overtook the reason and I continued to clean the blade while was enjoying the feeling of his hand on my thigh.

His hand was soft but firm and was creeping up inch by inch.

He inserted his finger inside my now totally moist pussy and it went in completely. I gripped his hair very tight and released myself as I jolted.

He rocked it in and out slowly while applying pressure on my clit using his thumb. He took his finger out and bunched the saree and petticoat and pushed it over my hip and calmly admired my pussy in the light for a few seconds. He drew his face eagerly, closer to my mound and planted a deep kiss on it. He grabbed my breast while his tongue went for my pussy. I was shouting sounds that I had made never before... With my eyes shut and all other senses wide open... The climax was building up by the second in me and sensing this from the more urgent gasps and sounds I make he continued the pattern and increased the pace. Schluk...cluck “He was rubbing over my clit with his nose while his tongue was deep inside. I felt that my juices were flowing out endless, and after what seemed like a lifetime I went limp and stood panting for breath. His fingers traveled along the contour of my body stopping for a good amount of time at all the crucial spots. I was wondering how come I failed to notice such a huge hard on hidden behind those pants all the while.

My left breast was completely off the pallu now and the sweaty blouse could hardly contain the pointed fully erect nipple.Together, the sound of the rain and the beautiful old song playing in the radio reminded me of my husband.I stopped cleaning the hall for a moment, walked over to the window and gazed out.I walked quickly to the door hoping that it was my husband who returned early. " and held a plastic box with a picture of a woman in bra and panties. He was walking towards the station to catch his train and wanted to try his luck in our place, on the way.But it was a figure I could hardly make out standing at the door totally drenched. I told him to stay inside for some time as it was raining heavily.

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