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If you are, then surely you couldn't help but notice the new baddie with the mullet to end all mullets, who joined the demon-plagued citizens of Hawkins, Indiana, this season. The Internet had been chattering about a very spirited audition tape Montgomery had made for the role, featuring a G-string, John Lennon-style sunglasses, and Duran Duran (not actually, obviously, but more on that later).

It was clearly a success, so Montgomery agreed to exclusively share his tape with us—and chat a bit about its genesis.], I just kind of wanted to make a bit of a splash with the Duffers, because I assumed they would be getting so many tapes.

About halfway into the video, the couples can be seen completing their kissing mission, accompanied by a bubbly song playing in the background.

And they're sending me a mystery present to my house in Perth! So I got an opportunity to audition for Justin Kurzel's next movie, which is set in Australia.

So I drew the main [film] character's family tree and a map of the place where he comes from all over my arms and my chest, just all over my body with permanent marker.

All that awkward maneuvering - and saliva - is not something the average man or woman would want to revisit.

Yet one group of adults who had never before been kissed were't quite as lucky to bury that cringe-worthy moment in the depths of their memories.

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