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In the third ad, a deaf woman uses sign language to tell a story about a dog swallowing her hearing aid.

It will air for the first time without subtitles to show people what it's like to feel excluded from communication.

Maltesers won from a shortlist of brands that included Amazon, Dove, Barclays, H&M, Lloyds Bank, Lynx, and Purdey's. The Channel 4 initiative "moved us into action", she says.

Oliver, who has been with Mars for more than 20 years, says it was on her agenda to improve diversity in the company's communications when she was promoted to head U. After agreeing to enter the contest, Mars turned to disability charity Scope for guidance.

"We're not treating these ads as some sort of special case.

After the Paralympics, they'll live alongside the other ads in the campaign," she says.

Allan says Maltesers' ideas stood out because of their edginess and sense of humor, which matches the broadcaster's "Born risky" mantra. It was pretty edgy in terms of the comedy and very Channel 4 in how we approach our own portrayal of disability in the real word," Allan says.See also: Philips takes the pharma Grand Prix at Cannes Oliver approved the scripts within a day of Buchanan sending them to her.Buchanan adds that they wouldn't have been able to make the ads without that speed and decisiveness: "What's great about these is they haven't been dragged down by process." The ideas were widely embraced within Mars, which Oliver attributes to the diversity of the management team, containing three ethnicities and a 50/50 gender split: "We've been pretty brave, really.Oliver, too, says it was crucial that the brand's work with disability and diversity fitted seamlessly with what it was already doing.See also: Is virtual reality the ultimate emotive storytelling tool?

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