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Philip Sheridan in the right center of the line prevented a total collapse and the Union assumed a tight defensive position backing up to the Nashville Turnpike. Bragg attempted to continue the assault with the corps of Maj. Fighting resumed on January 2, 1863, when Bragg ordered Breckinridge to assault the well-fortified Union position on a hill to the east of the Stones River. The Union also engaged in a strategic cavalry raid. Carter raided the upper Tennessee Valley from Manchester, Kentucky. He canceled his orders that Breckinridge send reinforcements across the river, which diluted the effectiveness of the main attack. Breckinridge, but the troops were slow in arriving and their multiple piecemeal attacks failed. The relatively small battle that followed Morgan's surprise attack was an embarrassing Union defeat, resulting in many captured Union supplies and soldiers. Northern musicians played "Yankee Doodle" and "Hail, Columbia" and were answered by "Dixie" and "The Bonnie Blue Flag." Finally, one band started playing "Home! At about that time, Bragg received a false report that a strong Union force was moving south along the Lebanon Turnpike in his direction. On December 30, the Union force moved into line two miles (three km) northwest of Murfreesboro. They captured four wagon trains and 1,000 Union prisoners.If you feel you need special accommodations during the recruitment or hiring process, please contact your recruiter or contact us at [email protected]

Hardee's Corps was initially placed in Triune, about 20 miles (32 km) to the west, Polk's on the west bank of the river, and a detached division from Hardee's Corps under Maj. By nightfall, two thirds of Rosecrans's army was in position along the Nashville Turnpike, and by the next day Rosecrans's army numbered about 41,000 and Bragg's 35,000. Sheridan) marched south along the Nolensville Turnpike to Nolensville, south to Triune, and then eastward to Murfreesboro. Bragg's left flank was weak at the start, and Rosecrans could have attacked there when he arrived and wheeled left, around the flank and directly into the town of Murfreesboro, but he did not know the full disposition of Bragg's forces because of the skillful screening of the Confederate cavalry during the Union march. Several artillery batteries were captured without having time to fire a shot. Although meeting stiff resistance, Hardee drove the Union troops back three miles (5 km) to the railroad and the Nashville Pike by 10 a.m., where Johnson was able to rally them. Van Cleve's division crossing the river at 7 a.m., and instead rushed reinforcements to his own right flank. The two armies were in parallel lines, about four miles (six km) long, oriented from southwest to northeast. The Battle of Hartsville, at a crossing point on the Cumberland River about 40 miles (64 km) upstream from Nashville (north of Murfreesboro) was an incident in Morgan's raid to the north, before Rosecrans had the bulk of his infantry forces on the move. The armies bivouacked only 700 yards (640 m) from each other, and their bands started a musical battle that became a non-lethal preview of the next day's events. Thousands of Northern and Southern soldiers sang the sentimental song together across the lines. When Bragg ordered him to attack to his front—so that some use could be made of his corps—Breckinridge moved forward and was embarrassed to find out that there were no Union troops opposing him. John Hunt Morgan to move north with his cavalry and operate along Rosecrans's lines of communications, to prevent him from foraging for supplies north of Nashville. Van Cleve) took a route that was parallel to the Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad, passing through La Vergne and south of Smyrna. Thomas, in the center, was ordered to make a limited attack and act as the pivot for Crittenden's wheel. William Rosecrans' Army of the Cumberland fielded approximately 43,000 men and included three infantry army corps named Right Wing, Center and Left Wing. He refused to send two brigades as reinforcements across the river to aid the main attack on the left.

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