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“We’ve run over 500 of these events in the last seven or eight years, and you can tell there’s definitely a lot to be said about the first 30 to 60 seconds when people come in contact.

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) Come January, ads for the some of the biggest global dating service brands gradually replace those Guinness ‘White Christmas’ TV spots, while the same companies bombard news outlets with press releases aimed at steering casual daters onto the internet.

Get owner Hugh Redmond told that January was always a bumper month.

“It seems people wake up after the hangover and burst out of the gates — so we’ve a lot of events planned for the next few weeks.

Several single people who spoke to for this piece said they had also turned to another free site recently — Ok Cupid, citing a more up-to-date design as one of the main reasons.

For those looking for a halfway house between a full-service site and the real-world bar scene, the relatively new dating app Tinder has been proving popular with college-age and early 20s daters since its launch in late 2012.

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    It has a feature called “Live Radar” which you can use by enabling GPS on your mobile.

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    The stigma associated with online dating dropped over the years and people view online dating more positively.