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I started working at the old rink on Webster Street cleaning up after hours and I also was at the new rink on Plain Street when it opened in 1960.Brant Rock: The Brant Rock tower, and the town pier, Brant Rock’s movie house, bowling alley.It is regrettable that there is the undercurrent of the people’s attitudes has become more pronounced in recent times.It is we the people that are the government of this town; perhaps if we in Marshfield apply ourselves to work for one town and all of the people of Marshfield, we in some mysterious way will assist in our community of the Town of Marshfield.Heat: We had a fire place, and kerosene kitchen stoves I remember going out side to a big barrel with the bottle from the kitchen stove filling it and bring it back and putting on the back of the stove.Sewage: We had none, we had out-houses in the middle of a cold winter you had to go outside to use the out house never knowing what kind of animal you would run into.In my research of Streets I have found 17 that have been accepted by town meeting articles going back for 92 years and the town has not been receiving state funding for the town to help maintain them.

Upon my return home from the service I worked for the town of Marshfield for eleven years on the Tree Department, Fire Department, School Department as Head Custodian of the High School and have been employed with the Marshfield Post Office now for twenty five years.The Old Fire station had to be move out back to build the 1957 Fire Station.(there are actually three Fire Stations all in one building now) Telephone Service: The old Telephone Company on Main Street, there was party lines then and numbers like 894-J, Temple 4-8945, 834-9489, 837-3709. I was in the Navy Seabee’s and I am a Vietnam veteran.I have done some research of the town reports and have written down what I remember of growing up in the Town of Marshfield of when and what did happen.

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