Speed dating events portsmouth

By this point the room was hot and I’d met so many new people I felt we all needed some time to recover and talk to those we had liked.

However, we had to power on for almost another hour. My throat hurt, and my memory was beginning to fade. Guys kept appearing opposite me looking haggard and hot, desperately asking how much longer I thought this was going to last.

ghtly desperate, but I soon realised this was hardly any different to a night in Lounge.

By stripping away Lounge’s deafening cheesy music and inebriated fellow revellers, there was every chance that speed dating could be a fun alternative.

Dating events in Portsmouth are great because they're location based, everyone you'll meet will be local and so you'll have things in common straight away and the prospect of arranging a date will come easy to you both.

We hadn’t been told how long our dates would be and I didn’t want to bore my dates to death with small talk about what course he was studying.

I mean really, that is not what we came to find out!

This is what I tried to convince myself as I hurriedly left the house feeling decidedly unglamorous.

My stomach filled with dread at the prospect of walking into an empty bar and having to make awkward small talk.

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