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Since it is the only high school in the city, it is fully integrated and takes on most of the aspects of an 'educational park.' It offers a wide variety of training programs, all the way from strictly college prep to job training and work experience. In spite of all this, it is not perfect and many changes are needed and many will be made." Mr.

The Pod sportswriters couldn't fail to include the gymnasts, wrestlers, harriers, trackmen, swim- mers, golfers, and baseballmen, including the Jayvee and soph squads.

So, make yourself at home while enjoying countless amazing musicians from a variety of genres and let the sick sounds fill your ears!

BERKELEY PUBLIC LIBRARY A BE L 3 191 rwfi LC I 3 01037 2669 f UBLlt library BBRKELBY, CALIFORNIA Reference Collection 77 26176 FOR USE IN THE LIBRARY ONLY Class No. The class started the Fall off well with a car wash, netting 0.00.

This new Pod offers a complete write-up of their excellent entertainment so BHS students can remember their stage productions. Stuart Robin Lei Sonohe Homer Lee Stephens Valerie A.

SPORTS An exciting year in sports merits detailed coverage, and the Pod staff enthusiastically complies. Sternberg Sally Rae Stewart Nancy Stone Andra llze Strads Deborah L. Stone Eric Paul Stumpf 67 Tally Sturm Eric Sturtevant Kathleen N.

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