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"Tell me how you cheated," he demands, assuming that no uneducated street kid could have come so close to taking away so much money without running some scam. This is getting them nowhere, the inspector laments. He surprises himself as much as anyone, responding to an astounding series of questions, each speaking directly and surreally to his own specific experiences.

For its own version of that audience -- in search of something new and also familiar -- the film offers a variety of pleasures.She edited Spike Lee: Interviews (University of Mississippi Press 2002), and co-edited both Iraq War Cultures (Peter Lang 2011) and Between the Sheets, In the Streets: Queer, Lesbian, and Gay Documentary (University of Minnesota 1997).Hailing from Germany, Quadro Nuevo has built a career assimilating musical influences from around the globe.These aphorisms are accompanied by silky, disturbing, comforting drawings from Heather Frise.This mixture of prose, visual beauty, ,strangeness, and serious academic discussions of the narrative form clashing with touching personal recollections and just simple humor (especially in the Aphorisms) makes for a distinct reading experience.

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