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In Sims 2, parks are pretty dull places by comparison.)In summary, the emphasis of Nightlife is on sim's social lives.

Relationships are richer and the range of social interactions is much more extensive. Terrible wont even work it just says "Missing resource please reinstall the sims 2' i have reinstalled the sims 2 and done this over 12 times im sending this back and demanding a refund terrible never buying products from aysper agian I bought it, said it worked with mac, only later to find out it isn't suitable with newer macbook pros. I called the number for EA games, and they said not even a patch would fix it.

New with Nightlife is the Re Nu Yu Senso Orb, which lets you change sims' Aspirations as well as their Turn-Ons and Turn-Offs.

With the Orb, a sim can start out with a Family aspiration and change to a Knowledge aspiration when the kids are in school.

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If you have a car, a little time on a date can quickly make the sims' aspirations go platinum while building up lots of aspiration rewards that let you buy Energizers, Elixer of Love dispensers, and Thinking Caps.If your sim is on a career path that requires lots of friends, outings can make it much easier to get the friendships started.(I still miss some of the things you could do in Sims 1 parks, such as sailing boats.In other words, your sims deepest desires can change as they mature. Nightlife includes Downtown, which provides a many more destinations the sims can travel to, including restaurants, clubs, and bowling alleys.Sims 2, even with University, is a bit dull in terms of social destinations.

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