Simple validating contact form

This adds a picture of a couple of words to the bottom of the contact form.Your user must correctly type the words before the form can be submitted, and in so doing, prove that they are human.If you are not sure how to go about doing this get in touch. The text box widths now use up 100% of the available width.This makes the form responsive to all types of media.

simple validating contact form-76

The comments form will never validate due to no supplied re CAPTCHA code.All spam will be placed in your ‘comments’ list which you can then review if you want to learn more.For added piece of mind this plugin also allows you to add a ‘re CAPTCHA’.To reply simply click the ‘reply’ button on your email client.The email address used is the one you have set up in Word Press under ‘Settings’ - ‘General’, so do check this is correct.

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