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The greatest part of the movie is surprisingly Ellie's part.I was very surprised when I enjoyed Ellie's plot the most, I thought her plot was going to be so boring.And it sucks because Paige is my favorite character and to see her regressed within 90 minutes was lame.Manny's part of the plot also seemed rushed and she was also randomly dating her drama professer, that was completely out of nowhere.

One of the things I kept wondering throughout the movie is how Paige ended up in Hollywood working for the Heidi Montag parody, Hailey Montel.

Look who I stumbled across…randomly…at the scheduled Degrassi promo shoot that we're all a part of #degrassi #promo #oldfriends #catchingup #allgrownup A photo posted by Shane Kippel (@shaneykipps) on Jun 29, 2015 at pm PDT Collins, who starred in the Canadian series from 2001 to 2008, played Miss Popular Paige Michaelchuk.

Her style was on point, she was full of sass, and, yes, often said "hon" to her peers.

It just seemed so random, as the last time we saw Paige she was working for Andrea and was dating Griffin.

Also she had an HIV plot that was never wrapped up (Season 7).

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