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Instead, we need to help teens understand why it is risky to flirt with people they meet online, how to recognize warning signs, and more broadly, why romantic relationships between teens and adults are unhealthy.

Many adults fear that kids use the Internet to connect with strangers.

Students explore how the Internet offers an amazing way to collaborate with others worldwide, while staying safe through employing strategies such as distinguishing between inappropriate contact and positive connections.

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The term “online predator” often conjures up the image of a creepy older man at a computer screen waiting to lure an unsuspecting child.

The media reinforces this depiction, which is problematic because it does not fit with the kinds of risky relationships that are more common for kids and teens or necessarily follow Internet safety statistics.

Research also shows that teens who flirt and engage in online sexual talk with strangers– especially in chat rooms – are more likely to be solicited for sex (Ybarra et al., 2007).

Elementary School: Discuss with kids what it’s like to have a “gut feeling” about an uncomfortable situation.

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