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They are about to be thrown out of their apartment when Gerry meets rich businessman being shown around as a prospective tenant.

He gives Gerry 0 to start life afresh but Tom refuses to believe her story and they quarrel.

Segundo a procuradora Deborah Duprat, a classificação etária “é meramente indicativa” e “não cabe ao Estado (nem aos promotores do espetáculo ou diversão) impedir o acesso de crianças ou adolescentes a eventos tidos como ‘inadequados’ à sua faixa etária”.

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The first single "Me Fui", blends the voice of Bebe with Spanish guitars, evolving into a subtle groove of reggae with lyrics open to many interpretations, as in the fragment "I went away to miss you, I went away to be back again, I went away to be alone, I left." "Escuece" is a song of indifference, that is separated from the previous semi-acoustic environment to adopt an air of an agile big band, with the trombone by Ove Larsson, the metal section by Arturo Soriano and the guitars of Carlos Jean, Diego Pozo and Pablo Novoa.

"Qué Mimporta" is an angry theme, sung in rap rhythm, with a more vibrant pace, almost funk on drums, to acquire more rock music after a voltage which alternates with a more relaxed environments that maintain a swing.

A classificação etária deixará de ser proibitiva para se tornar indicativa.

Assim, menores de 18 anos poderão visitar a exposição, desde que acompanhados por seus responsáveis.

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After the success of her debut album Pafuera Telarañas, Bebe decided to withdraw from her music career to concentrate on other projects.It's an album to enjoy, to approach a different artist, who defends her world and her uncompromising personal space, but sometimes does not hesitate to show openly, truthfully and sensual, but always holding back something, without revealing everything. is an album of courage, daring, conceived outside the laws of modern music, with a peculiar use of popular language and designed to offer something new, capable of generating surprise.The album opens with the lyrics "I have been sleeping six feet under and I have decided to sleep on the ground.includes the Latin Grammy Award-nominated song "Me Fui" and the single "Pa' Mi Casa".The album was produced by Carlos Jean, who also worked with Bebe on her debut album.

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