Sex vabcam 2014

Although there is no data to indicate the scale of the problem globally, law enforcement and other agencies in various countries are reporting that numbers are on the rise with technological advances making it hard to track down the buyers.

Cyber risk global Philippine anti-cybercrime investigator Gilbert Sosa said the total amount extorted worldwide ran into millions of pesos, or tens of thousands of euros.

Robles-Roman, now CEO of Legal Momentum, which fights for the legal rights of women, said laws must keep up with technology and ensure children can be protected in an increasingly digital world.

“How can it be legal to advertise children for sex online?

The IJM said in a statement that the Philippines national police receive well over 2,000 referrals a month of potential online exploitation of Filipino children.

The organization said this was made possible by greater than ever connectivity to the internet with people in North America or Europe paying as little as for a “show”.

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