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Our choir sang it at graduation, so in rehearsal one day I was like 'wait a second'..."–dejas42aa049e8 "I had no idea that 'No Diggity' by Blackstreet was about a girl who sleeps with everyone! I mean, I sang this at my middle school’s Christmas fair! Now I can’t listen to this song without blushing profusely."–ravenbard "I remember hearing just the 'skyrockets in flight, afternoon delight' in Good Will Hunting when I was young, and it didn’t click until I was humming it after and my friend said, 'you know that’s about sex in the afternoon, right? In today's fast-paced, real-time, often frenetic age of social media where anyone with access to an internet connection can blog, tweet or broadcast live, facts can be easily muddled. But as technology evolves and digital devices become more ubiquitous, 'fake news' and 'alternative facts' are realities that are proving hard to contain."–amandaglad "I’d listen to their song 'When The Lights Go Out' on repeat when I was about 10. "–amandar4baeb4f23 "I just about died when it finally clicked in my head that the song was about sex, specifically the chorus part.One of my brothers tried to tell me it was about sex, but I didn’t believe him. Yeah, it’s definitely about sex."–fieldingbridget "I didn’t know that 'Don’t Stop Believing' was about a one night stand until my senior year of high school lol. I very LOUDLY and very PROUDLY sang this song EVERYWHERE (school, friend’s house, my house, my grandparents’ house, CHURCH *dies*).

We just thought they were knocking on bathroom doors and saying it wasn’t them doing so."–cecilys40e1dcfed "Me and my friends didn’t even realise there was an alternate meaning to the line 'I kissed a girl and I liked it, taste of her cherry chapstick' until we were playing Just Dance and they bleeped out 'cherry chapstick'.

" –leahlantryh "I was 22 and used to babysit a 10-year-old girl.

We were talking about songs we liked and I said, 'I love that car song.' She gives me this look, and says, 'you know that’s about sex, right?

I just thought it was some cute mellow song I’ve been singing along to since kindergarten."–alisonlee "I always knew it was a bit naughty growing up, but I didn’t really realise HOW naughty it was until I was an adult and saw them perform it live in concert.

Then I really processed the lyrics and was like, that is a really dirty song and I was running around my room as a 10-year-old singing along! I gotta bag it up' because he’s scared about getting something from her!

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