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Bills to guarantee reproductive rights, help victims of sex trafficking, and provide eviction protection are among 16 pieces of legislation backed by the Oregon Women’s Health & Wellness Alliance.The group of legislators, state and local agency staff, health care workers and citizen advocates has been working to help Oregon women and families since 1992.SB 558: Extend the Oregon Health Plan to all children living in Oregon and ensure program outreach to newly eligible children.HB 2660: Require the state to create and implement an educational campaign for breast cancer patients about insurance coverage of reconstruction surgery, breast prostheses, and breast forms.Headquartered in Mountain Village, the resort is connected to Telluride by a free, 13-minute gondola ride.More intimate than mega-mountains like Vail or Whistler, this destination offers variety without overwhelming options, and its 1,700 acres of ski-able terrain are split evenly between beginner/intermediate and advanced/expert trails.

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HB 2673: Create a safer, more affordable and streamlined process for transgender Oregonians to update their birth certificates to reflect their gender identity.Require an employer to demonstrate the business necessity for pay differentials that are not based on merit, seniority, piece-rate or production-based work.Bill number not yet assigned: Create Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance program, which would allow family members to care for each other in times of serious need without having to lose wages.For my first run, I took the friendly hooligan’s advice and discovered what would become my favorite trail on the mountain.“See Forever” lives up to its name — to the southeast, a wall of craggy granite soars upward, the peaks ringed with crowns of cumulus, and to the northwest, a sweeping panorama of snow-blanketed mountains that spreads all the way to Utah.

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