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In the 1980s, a successful businessman in his late 20s, drowning in alcohol and leading a lifestyle based on sex, power and money, Mr Attard became a Freemason.

Once I was accepted in Freemasonry and in a Lodge that made good men better I simply drank more!

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Freemasons say the criteria for becoming a Freemason is a belief in a Superior Being referred to as G. Freemasonry is a society within a larger society, the former gradually eating away the latter.At 18, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord. Rainbow had Bible-like sayings that sounded "church-y", so I perceived Christianity and the teachings of Rainbow to be the same. If a person fully understands Christianity and fully understands Masonry, they will realize that the two are like oil and water they just dont mix. Finally, the Grand-Omnific Royal Arch Word as an amalgamation of Jehovah with two other pagan gods (in JAH-BUL-ON) was nothing less than blasphemous. My readings in Blackmer helped me realize the origins of Masonic rituals in Egyptian sun worship.It also does not matter how much they attempt to change the rituals to be more palatable to Christians, since the origins, to me, betray the focus.Martyn Attard was a Freemason for around six years and who renounced the fraternity for Catholicism.

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