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"The beauty of it is that there are medications that work. I'm always happy-go-lucky, and people look at me and find it shocking that I could be depressed."After his NFL career ended, Bradshaw was finally able to escape the stigma of mental illness in the league (and that's for another article), and communicate about his clinical depression.

He disclosed that he frequently experienced anxiety attacks after games.

Readers should know that medication alone cannot be the "magic bullet" for the mentally ill.

Talk therapy is another invaluable tool that helps those with depression cope with their feelings and find constructive ways to deal with them.

Even though Bradshaw suffered it much later than me, it is no less raw.

In a span of six years, he won four Super Bowl titles.

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If you are suffering from depression, and it has lasted for more than two weeks, and includes many of the symptoms above, you should probably see your family doctor.

Your doctor can then refer you to a therapist, or psychiatrist, or both.

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